I recently migrate database from access to sql and a strange thing occurs :<BR><BR>I have 2 tables commands and detailcmd joined by the field cmdID present in both tables.<BR><BR>I make a sql query with an inner join like this :<BR>commands inner join detailcmd on commands.cmdid = detailcmd.cmdid<BR><BR>In my asp page I can retrieve all the fields of both tables via a recordset except the field cmdid (the one that exist in both tables).<BR><BR>All thoses things was working well with access and there is this problem with sql 7.0.<BR><BR>My sql query works well in the sql server query analyser but I got the above problem with my asp page.<BR><BR><BR><BR>my full query is this one : <BR>SELECT Commandes.*, DetailCmd.*, Societes.* FROM Societes INNER JOIN (Commandes left JOIN DetailCmd ON commandes.cmdid = DetailCmd.CmdID) ON Societes.SocID = Commandes.SocID WHERE ( CmdType = &#039L&#039 AND ( CmdConfirm = 1 ) AND (detname like &#039%%%%&#039) AND (commandes.CoID LIKE &#039robert&#039) AND ( cmddate &#062;= 36382 ) AND ( cmddate &#060;= 36403 ));<BR>