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    I am creating an interface in my ASP that allows users to enter raw SQL (only admins can do this...). Anyway, I am trying to display the resulting rs (if it exists). Since the SQL query can return a different number of "columns" in each record in the rs, how can I find out how many columns are in each record? <BR><BR>If my rs were a regular array, Ubound(rs, 1) would work. Of course, it won&#039t.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    rs.Fields.Count will return what you want.<BR><BR>Another way is to use the getrows function to convert the result set to an array in which case the ubound function will work.<BR><BR>somearray=rs.getrows()<BR>r = uBound(somearray) &#039 # of columns in the result set. <BR>x = uBound(somearray,2) &#039 # of rows returned from the query. <BR>

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