Here is my situation. I have one table with a list of events. I have another table with a list of people. The third table has the event and the person that went to it. What I am trying to do is select an event and get a list of all the people and whether or not they went to the event. I can do all the joins, but I can&#039t figure out how to get a full list of people and a yes/no if they went or not.<BR><BR>Here are the tables/fieldnames:<BR><BR>Table: Rush<BR>Field: Person_ID<BR>Field: Person_Name (name of person)<BR><BR>Table: Rush_Events<BR>Field: Event_ID<BR>Field: Event_Name<BR><BR>Table: Rush_Attendance<BR>Field: Person_ID<BR>Field: Event_ID<BR><BR>Thanks for the help, hopefully you can come up with a better sql statement than I can. I have gotten to the point where it returns all the people and additional records from other events. I only really need to join 2 tables because I don&#039t need the name of the event. I feed the sql with the Event_ID.