Database access from Javascript!!

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    Steve Aspris Guest

    Default Database access from Javascript!!

    Is this possible, can I use Remote Data objects on the client browser just like in VBScript???

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    fdsfadsfads Guest

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    Yes, you can use JavaScript to use RDS.<BR><BR> var RDS = new ActiveXObject("RDS.DataControl");<BR> RDS.Connect = this.Connect;<BR> // Comment out next line to use locally<BR> RDS.Server = this.Server;<BR> RDS.ExecuteOptions = 1;<BR> RDS.FetchOptions = 1;<BR>

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    I don&#039t think that is what Steve means. Of course you can access databases with JScript on the server&#039s-side, the same way you do with VBScript. But you can&#039t, at least not to my knowledge, do it with JavaScript on the client&#039s-side. There would be too many security problems for it to work, so Microsoft and Netscape don&#039t allow it.

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