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    Ariel Arjona Guest

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    My question is:<BR>Do I have to stop the web service to install it?<BR>their website is not very clear about this. Says that I have to stop it if I have an older version. I don&#039t have any version of ASPEmail installed, so I wonder if I don&#039t have to stop the service.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR><BR>Ariel Arjona<BR>Webmaster<BR>

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    Sathiya Guest

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    If you install a component in your regsvr u need to stop and start the Web service not the server. If you have older version installed stop the service (IIS) the unregister then delete and reinstall the ASP mail. To avoid conflict.<BR><BR>Have a nice day

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    EDG Guest

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    Persits ASPEmail does not require you to stop the web server before installing, unless you already have an older version installed. The install program /will/, however, stop and start the web server on its own during the course of the installation. (It does automatically restart the service.)<BR><BR>-EDG

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