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    Neils Guest

    Default skipping iteration

    Isn&#039t there a way (statement) to skip one iteration of a loop?

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    Default possibility

    I would say that <BR><BR> ... you should be able to put a conditional next that would iterate the loop around the code you want to execute everytime but a specific time you don&#039t want it to<BR><BR>such that<BR> ( not 100% sure )<BR> for .. <BR> <BR> if blah = 0 then<BR> next<BR> end if<BR><BR> code.....<BR><BR> next

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    shaffer Guest

    Default RE: skipping iteration

    You cannot nest an if...then around a next. This is improper syntax. The proper way to do what you are asking (if I understand your question) is (for example, assume we want to skip the third iteration of the loop):<BR><BR> for x = 1 to 50<BR> if x &#060;&#062; 3 then<BR> &#039 (do processing)<BR> end if<BR> next<BR><BR>

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