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    Could someone please point me to an article that could explain why I would ever open a recordset with anything other than openForwardOnly?<BR>I assume that I am missing a rather important point in ADO. <BR>I am able to change an entry in the database by opening forward only and using recordset.Update on it. Why should I incure the added memory load of the other options.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    &#062; why I would ever open a recordset with anything other than openForwardOnly?<BR><BR>You want to randomly access records (or pages, if doing paging) inside the recordset.<BR><BR>Also, look *carefully* at the descriptions of some of the other options. adOpenStatic says "give me a view of the data that doesn&#039t change *EVEN IF ANOTHER USER MAKES CHANGES* to the data I am viewing." This can be a *real* timesaver in a system with a heavy concurrency load; it means that the DB engine doesn&#039t have to notify *your* thread, at least, that something has changed. Look also at the description of adOpenKeySet, which has yet another meaning in highly concurrent situations where data is being changed even as you read it.<BR><BR>If you have a lightly loaded site and you don&#039t even want to worry about concurrent operations, you can indeed use forward-only and even, if you are super cautious, use exclusive write access during your updates.<BR><BR>

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