After 10 succesful weeks of a new live web site we suddenly gets a weird error. &#039Interface unknown&#039 or &#039Remote procedure call failed&#039. It happens on the line creating instances of Com objects with Server.Createobject method using DCOM from webserver outside firewall to MTS server on inside. Found an article on MSDN describing the problem saying that we should use CreateObject instead and avoid the Server-object. Made the proposed change to some pages and the error "moved" in a controlled way, but not on all pages and we still get the error from time to time. Sometimes rebooting helps, sometimes not. Sometimes it starts working again without me doing anything! All components that ASP talks to is very simple wrapper objects communicating with the "real" objects, and they are all designed the same way.<BR><BR>Has anyone had the same problem?<BR>Is the difference between Createobject and Server.Createobject really critical? I&#039ve used the serverobject for several years without problem.<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>Per L<BR>Web Team Manager, Stena Line IT Services