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    I was wondering when using the filesystemobject and the Files method and putting that in a for each objfile in objFolder.Files loop it sorts by Name.. Is there a way to sort by LastDateModified?

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    I don&#039t believe there is, and i&#039ve tried to figure it out.<BR><BR>My trouble was originally, I&#039ve been developing on PWS for 98 (my NT box is back at home in the UK, I&#039m in Australia) - when i launched a particular site, NT Server sorted the files in reverse, so my page was shot!<BR><BR>the only way i could get around it was to rename my files, which i did. I&#039ve looked for elusive settings which may change this, but i can&#039t find any.<BR><BR>jason

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    I suppose you could place each of the file objects into an array (using a standard for each loop) and then write an algorithm to sort that array.<BR><BR>Dunc

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