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    Could someone please help me? As much as I am not a fan of FrontPage, I am required to develop some sites using it. I have downloaded the FP2000 server extensions and tried to install them through the MMC (I use PWS). However it won&#039t allow me to. I keep getting an error message stating that a disk based web already exists at http://localhost.<BR>Please Help, Thanks, <BR><BR>MJ

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    Greetings,<BR><BR>Since it seems like you are too deep in to it now, and that something else (that you did not mention) has happened before this turn of events, let me give a run down on what typically should happen when installing Front Page Server Extensions.<BR><BR>You basically start with a folder on the server. For this example we&#039ll say C:Website. That folder may contain a few files that are used by your web site. Now, once you install IIS or PWS nothing should change on your folder. Because for now they are not related. PWS does use a default folder for housing it&#039s web files, and as a word of advice, you should always disable, stop, rename or just delete the default web site, and MOVE all web content to some folder OTHER THAN C:InetpubWWWRoot. This is just a good security measure.<BR><BR>Ok, so we have PWS running with NO active sites. We need to create one. Create a new site, and point its root directory to the folder (C:WebSite). Start the site and if you turn directory browsing on, you can see that by typing in &#039localhost&#039 or the name of your computer, or your own IP address into the address bar you see the contents of the C:Website folder in your browser.<BR><BR>Ok, you have a site running, but not Front Page. At this point you can &#039Install&#039 (there is a difference between Installing and Configuring) Front Page Server Extensions and re-boot (always reboot).<BR><BR>Now, you have a site, but still no extensions. Go to PWS Console. Select the site, and either right-click or choose active and select All Tasks, Configure Front Page Server Extensions.<BR><BR>Hopefully, all will go well, and you will see the dialog and it will list your site and allow you to configure the extensions. If something happens there, I don&#039t know what to tell you. You can post back here or email me a<BR><BR>So your site is configured now. That is all you have to do. If you do things in the right order and keep it simple, you should have no problems.<BR><BR>But it sounds like the error you got was because you previously used a program like Front Page, or Visual InterDev to create/open/edit the site, and it decided to create a local web for you. The best thing, is to follow the directions here, and remove any sites you have and start all over.<BR><BR>This will prevent any sharing violations betwenn versions of Front Page when trying to access the same folder that was used before.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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