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    Kiet Guest

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    *<BR>Can anybody tell me what does this means? I always get this message when I submit a form. Thanks<BR><BR>&#039HTTP Error 400<BR>&#039 400 Bad Request<BR><BR>&#039Due to malformed syntax, the request could not be understood by &#039the server. The client should not repeat the request without &#039modifications.<BR>

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    Zac Odom Guest

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    I had the same exact trouble. My problem was caused by going through a proxy server with a redirect request. I got around it, if you are in fact redirecting, by keeping the proxy server from caching my asp page and make sure you include the entire string when you redirect. here is a sample of code that worked.<BR><BR>Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache"<BR>reportname="processingdetail.rpt"<BR>pat h="http://zodom/scrreprots/profit2/"<BR>arguements="?user0=zac&password0=odom" <BR>server.URLEncode(reportname)<BR>server.URLEnco de(path)<BR>server.URLEncode(arguements)<BR>Respon se.Redirect(path & reportname & arguements)<BR><BR>hope this helps, <BR>zac odom

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    Kiet Guest

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    Thanks Zac, I will try it.

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    Kiet Guest

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    Hey Zac,<BR> I try what you told me, but it doesn&#039t work. Here are the example code. Do you think I have too many arguements in the redirection?<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include file=""--&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>dim rsItem<BR>dim bNew<BR> set rsItem = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> rsItem.Open "ContactPerson", db, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTable<BR> <BR> if request("ContactID") = "" then<BR> bNew = True<BR> rsItem.Addnew<BR> Else<BR> rsItem.filter = "ContactID=" & request.form("ContactID")<BR> bNew = False<BR> end if<BR> rsItem("DivisionID") = request.form("Division")<BR> rsItem("FirstName") = request.form("FirstName")<BR> rsItem("LastName") = request.form("LastName")<BR> rsItem("Title") = request.form("Title")<BR> rsItem("Address") = request.form("Address")<BR> rsItem("Address1") = request.form("Address1")<BR> rsItem("City") = request.form("City")<BR> rsItem("State") = request.form("State")<BR> rsItem("Country") = request.form("Country")<BR> if request.form &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> rsItem("Zip") = request.form("Zip")<BR> end if<BR> rsItem("PhoneNumber") = request.form("PhoneNumber")<BR> rsItem("Email") = request.form("Email")<BR> rsItem("Status") = request.form("Status")<BR> if bNew = true then<BR> rsItem("DateCreated") = Date()<BR> end if<BR> rsItem.update<BR> rsItem.close<BR> path ="http://kdang/forecast/Moreinfo.asp"<BR> arguements="?DivisionID=" & request.form("DivisionID") & "&CompanyID=" & request.form("CompanyID") & "&DivisionName=" & request.form("DivisionName") & "&Company=" & request.form("Company")<BR> server.URLEncode(path)<BR> server.urlencode(arguements)<BR> response.redirect (path & arguements)<BR><BR> <BR>%&#062;<BR>

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