I am running IIS-4 (SP-4) and having a situation where ASP stops serving databases after about 10 hours from booting (about 80 domains, 20 database serves sites, about 3000 unique visitors per day) and ASP stops running altogether after about 20 hours since booting.!<BR><BR>Tried applying SP-6a but the server won&#039t reboot after the service pack has been installed. Moving to Win-2000 is not an option right now. So I&#039m hoping to find the root cause of the problem.<BR><BR>I understand that the probable&#039 reason that my IIS4 server is stopping serving databases is because of "not closing and setting record sets to nothing". The suggestions have been that multiple calls to &#039Open RS&#039 will hang the queues. That makes sense.!<BR><BR>But I&#039ve checked as best I can and I think that all record sets are closed properly. Then there&#039s also the possibility that maybe using the old IDC/HTX code may also be causing problems.!<BR><BR>Is there any way that queues or unterminated memory processes can be monitored, tracked or opened to find the code culprits.?<BR><BR> . les .<BR>