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    I am getting an error "Unable to open Web Project "Project Name". Server error: There is is no web named "Project Name"" while opening an existing project. <BR><BR><BR>Same project I can see through browser.<BR><BR>What is the problem.<BR><BR>my emailid is :

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    Greetings,<BR><BR>It sounds like something happened to your Front Page Server Extensions. Check to make sure that the &#039Web&#039 that you were trying to open still exists on the Server. It may appear correct in the browser, but the configuration could have been corrupted on the server.<BR><BR>Here is an overview of Front Page Server Extensions.<BR><BR>In order to create a &#039Project&#039 in Visual InterDev, your web server needs to have the Front Page Server Extensions installed. Once you have the extensions installed on a particular server, you should have a Home or &#039Root&#039 Web. This Root Web is typically composed of all documents that lie beneath the web sites Root directory.<BR><BR>If you want to work with &#039Sub Webs&#039 or webs that lie beneath the root on the server, but are not a part of the &#039Root Web&#039, you will need to have a program like Front Page or Visual InterDev create the sub web for you. Here is an example:<BR><BR>Main Site:<BR><BR>The Root Web on is located in the C:InetPubWWWrootMySite Directory. In this folder there are a few files and folders that my site uses.<BR><BR>There is a folder called Games in the MySite folder.<BR><BR>If you use your browser to access the Games folder, it would look like this:<BR><BR>However, if you want to create a &#039Sub Web&#039 named games, you will first need to delete (or rename) the original Games folder (C:InetpubWWWrootMySiteGames) and then have Visual InterDev or Front Page create the Sub Web for you.<BR><BR>In InterDev, select New Project, enter the server information, and after connecting to the server, it asks you which web to connect to. Select Create a New Web Application and enter &#039Games&#039 as the name.<BR><BR>Then, after it&#039s done, the Games folder will re appear under the MySite folder, but this time Front Page knows that it is a Sub Web.<BR><BR>So, you can still access the Games folder with this URL:, but now it is a separate application that you can modify separatly from the root.<BR>

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