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    Howdy!<BR><BR>Small question? I&#039m running an Access database where I would like to type something in a text box, have that inserted into a database, so later it can be spit out. I have no problem doing this, except for the fact, it&#039s not formatted. I.E. I have to manually put the &#060;p&#062; tags in there for a new paragraph. I would like to do something just like this, where I can type in a text box<BR><BR>start a new line<BR><BR>and it&#039ll will show up formatted! Any suggestions?

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    Default Formatting WITHOUT Access

    &nbsp;<BR>inText = Replace(Request.Form("someFormField"), vbNewLine, "&LT;BR" )<BR><BR>**************<BR><BR>*NO* formatting from within Access, itself, will ever carry over to HTML. So one way or the other, you have to do it in ASP.<BR>

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