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    Mary-Catherine Guest

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    i am a cold fusion programmer by nature, but i have been thrown into the ASP world and need some help. i know that CF has the ability to convert queries to javascript, and has some built in javascripts scripts to access them. it does this i believe through XML i believe. the code looks something like: <BR>&#060;cfwddx action="cfml2js" toplevelvariable="queryName" input="#queryName#"&#062; <BR><BR>my question is this, is there any sort of functionality like this in ASP? i am trying to create a drill down in which one does not have to reload the page after 1 option is selected.<BR><BR>query A<BR>query B<BR><BR>select A (say country)<BR>select B (say states, which is based on select A)<BR><BR>i have the javascript to do what i need it to do, but i don&#039t have any idea how to get the query accessable by javascript.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>mary-catherine

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    Rahul Guest

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    You donot need anything special to use the querystring values into javascript.just store them into variables and then use the variables into javascript.sample code:<BR>What am i exactly doing out here:i am using the recordcount method and passing it to an alert and checking all the messages on the can pass querystring values the same way.<BR><BR>for further help mail me on<BR>&#060;td class=inboxheading&#062;&#060;a href="javascript:checkall(&#060;%=mTotalMessages%& #062;);" class="inboxlinks"&#062;Check All&#060;a&#062;&#060;/td&#062;

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    Rahul Guest

    Default Sorry mail me at

    Sorry mail me at

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