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    From the main window I go to a form in a new-opened window. The user fills the form, submits it and the database gets updated(through ASP). The new-opened window automaticaly closes after that and I need for the main window to be refreshed automaticaly and to load just-submitted data into the page.<BR>Can anyone help me? <BR><BR>thanks, <BR>Igor

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    A quick way would be to have the new window call a function on the parent window (to load a new document with the added db entry) and then close itself. Actually, it&#039s probably faster to just have the child window send the command to the parent window. You have to name your windows. Then you could probably just do parentWindow.href.location = "newpage.asp" or something although you&#039d probably want to pass along a querystring with it so you know which record to lookup and display (or what values to display if passing everything.

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