SQL or Access? Bad vs. Good?

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Thread: SQL or Access? Bad vs. Good?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>This question has probably been asked many times before, but I have never found an answer that&#039s satisfying.<BR><BR>If you, as an example, plan to do a GuestBook service, like www.guestbook.com. It will generate loot of info that I want to put in a database. Let us say you want the info of 25.000 users in the database. Should I use Access or SQL Server?<BR>If, SQL server, where can I get it? And don&#039t tell me at MS, because I won&#039t go to their page. Makes my mind all fuzzy.. =)<BR>What SQL Server components do I need to testrun it on my on computer at home, and what do I need to run it at a server, like Hostme.com<BR><BR>Greatful for any answer!<BR><BR>

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    Richard L. Guest

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    To answer part of your question: I believe you should avoid Access when a) you have a flat DB structure with records in excess of 100 000 b) you are regualarly going to have 10 or more concurrant users updating and making multiple requests in med - long sessions c) you want a fully relational data model with lots of foreign keys and joins in queries.<BR><BR>Of course it all depends on hardware speed and the size of pipe you and your users have etc. It&#039s kind of hard to pin down without some kind of design document to look at.<BR><BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>richard

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    Mel Heillman Guest

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    SQL Server 7.0 is superior to ACCESS. Trouble is, the ACCESS 97 upgrade is about a hundred bucks (and everybody has some product eligible for the upgrade, whereas SQL Server is a lot of money.<BR><BR>Seems to me the answer is that if you can get you hands on SQL Server, use it.

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