Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I am getting strange behaviour with our in-house VB dlls and was hoping someone could help...<BR><BR>We register them on the IIS, but if a user with no access to the directory where they sit tries the app, they get:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01ad&#039 <BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object <BR>/sentinelcycle/ValidateUser.asp, line 23 <BR><BR>which refers to a line:<BR>Set oIni = Server.CreateObject("Utility.SentinelIni")<BR><BR> HOWEVER, if a user with read/write access to the directory containing the dll runs the app, it works fine for them (which I expected) and then works fine for everyone else from then on (which I didn&#039t expect !!).<BR><BR>What&#039s going on ?? How does the second user fix the problem for all others ? Is the dll being registered by this user a second time ??<BR><BR>Any help would be gratefully received !<BR><BR>Peter