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    I have long list of data that&#039s being spit out of a database, people are going to choose some of the fields (all with unique ID&#039s) They are going to be putting a date and time for a select few of them. They are going to be submitting (by way of a form of some sort) and then the ID&#039s they chose and put valid dates and times into are going to be put into a seperate table. I have everything down except how I&#039m going to select the few that they have chosen, I can use a &#039For Each field in Request.Form&#039 however that just gives me a long list of the ones they chose and didn&#039t choose. I&#039m kind of clueless how I could efficiently do this. There must be some easy way to just step through each of the ID&#039s that they entered data in for and do a simple INSERT into the new table. Could someone help me?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Willem

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    If I understand your question, your for each should work, just test each value for &#060;&#062; "" and only do the rest of the loop if that returns True.

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