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    Marc Bourdage Tech4@Magma Guest

    Default passing Variable

    How do I Pass variable(s) between page(s) without using a Form?<BR><BR>Thank You

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    Josh Rolfe Guest

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    Use session variables or include it the url string.<BR>Session variable:<BR>session("myVar")=myValue<BR>then call session("myVar") on the next page.<BR>Or if you are redirecting them to a page:<BR>response.redirect ""<BR>then on default.asp use the line<BR>myVar=request("myVar") to put the value into a variable

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    Marc Bourdage Guest

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    How do you call the session("MyVar") in the next page?<BR>is it just,<BR>Call session("MyVar")

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    Marc Bourdage Guest

    Default Sorry just figur it out...

    Thank&#039s for your help.

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