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    Clarke Allen Guest

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    Hi I have a string that includes the " character. I need to replace this with another character (Similar to replacing the space character with %20) I have tried the following;<BR><BR>Replace(Track_Name,""","&#039&#0 39") but it does not work...<BR><BR>Help greatly appreciated

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    Kasper Guest

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    Try using the ascii value <BR><BR>Instead of """ use chr(x) where x is the ascii value for " (which I don&#039t know by heart)<BR><BR>

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    Hi Kasper,<BR>its chr(34).<BR>l8r<BR>SteveF

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    Clarke Guest

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    Thanks for your help!<BR><BR>Clarke

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    Skippie Guest

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    To get a quick list of the ASCII values, I usually do this:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>For i = 32 To 126<BR>Response.Write("&#060;P&#062;" & i & " = " & Chr(i))<BR>Next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Also, you should memorize the following:<BR><BR>Tab = Chr(9)<BR>Carriage Return = Chr(13)<BR>Line Feed = Chr(10)<BR>Space = Chr(32)<BR><BR><BR><BR>-- Skippie

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