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    This is so weird. I&#039m trying to set up a website on my NT server using the Management Console. It&#039s something I&#039ve done a hundred times. However, for some reason, when I try to browse the site, it prompts me for NT authentication (challenge / response).<BR><BR>Now, I know that there are all types of reasons why this might happen, but I think I&#039ve covered them all. The permissions are set up to allow anonymous access. The NT logon account is using the correct password. I went to the Microsoft knowledgebase and it suggested using automatic password synchronization, but I already am! And just in case the passwords were out of synch, I put them in manually, too. It just doesn&#039t make sense to me.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas?

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    How does it prompt you for "NT Challenge/Response" authentication? "NT Challeng/Response" is seemless; no dialog box should be presented when using MSIE (not necessarily so with Netscape browsers).<BR><BR>Does this problem occur with MSIE or Netscape browsers, or both?<BR><BR>Is the site physically located on the web server, or is it on some other server on the network?<BR><BR>Recheck your Anonymous Authentication settings. &nbsp;Check both the directory and the file itself for Anonymous Authentication. Make sure that both are checked as Anonymous.<BR><BR>Also, Recheck your NTFS permissions. Make sure that the IUSR_machinename Account has proper NTFS permissions on the files being served.<BR><BR>Does the page try to connect to an ACCESS database?<BR><BR>If so, IUSR_machinename may be trying to create a database locking file (*.ldb) in the database directory. IF NTFS permissions aren&#039t setup properly to allow IUSR to CREATE and DELETE the locking file, then perhaps, IIS trying to authenticate you.<BR><BR>Tell me more!!!<BR>

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