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    ZYZY Guest

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    I created the form where I am using one e-mail address and I have the dropdownbox.Now I have to improve performance,I need to validate text box and depends on value on the dropdownbox e-mail to the different user not the same user.Example:<BR>dropdown=1 email=gg@yahoo.com<BR>dropdown=2 email=ff@yahoo.com<BR>

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    Kasper Guest

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    Instead of putting 1 or 2 as value, put the actual email address in it. Post your form to the next asp page. In this asp page you get the combobox value, which is ofcourse the email address.<BR>then use cdonts or aspemail to mail it.

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    validation scripts are available all over the web. try www.webmonkey.com.<BR><BR>it&#039s reasonably elementary javascript - the tutorial on the same site, if you follow it, will give you the knowledge required for this task (and more)<BR><BR>jason

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    ZYZY Guest

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    What I am trying to do that if I have the dropdownbox with names:Al,Lisa,Victor depends on chose name it&#039s going to e-mail to different address the problem is I can&#039t put the e-mail address in the dropdown box it has to be the name<BR>So could you help me with the script I&#039ll be apr.<BR>I just started work with the asp so if you give me the sample code how to do it.I create the form with dropdown box and it&#039s email to address(one) but I can&#039t get to validate the dropdown box and I have no idea where to put my other email addresses<BR>Thank you<BR>

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    Kasper Guest

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    Read my post again :)<BR>I know what you mean, but you need to review your html !<BR><BR>here&#039s the code :<BR><BR>&#060;select name="select"&#062;<BR> &#060;option value="al@al.com"&#062;Al&#060;/option&#062;<BR> &#060;option value="lisa@lisa.com"&#062;Lisa&#060;/option&#062;<BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR><BR><BR>This should get you going!

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    ZYZY Guest

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    I do like this....<BR>But... I check the site you reccomended and I could&#039t found the answer for my question..<BR>If you have in your mind other site give me the idea where to look<BR>

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