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    Vivienne Guest

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    Hello everyone,<BR>I have this huge problem which is killing me.<BR>in my site, i have a text box for date which is displayed in the following format mm/dd/yyyy. However when i insert the date in my database it is inserted in the following format mm/dd/yyyy. So when i do a query for a particular date, i do not get any results because of the date format. For e.g query a transaction on the 10/09/2000 gives me nothing coz in the database, the record was inserted as 09/10/2000.<BR><BR>i have used the session.LCID and still no results.<BR><BR>Please Help<BR>

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    Have you tried using DateSerial?

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    Suresh Guest

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    Why don&#039t you try with date format stored in the DB?<BR>chg. criteria to mm/dd/yyyy format? <BR><BR>does that make sense??<BR><BR>

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