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    OK, here&#039s my problem. I have a login screen (default.asp) that asks for a username & password. This form submits to login.asp which checks a DB for the uname/pw. If it finds it, it sets two cookies:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("Test")("UserID") = objRec("UserID")<BR>Response.Cookies("Test")("Full Name") = objRec("FullName")<BR><BR>and then does a Response.Redirect to menu.asp.<BR><BR>Now every subsequent page after the login has an include (idcheck.asp) that just checks to make sure those cookies are set. Now for SOME reason, this all works ok in Netscape 4, IE 5.5, but doesn&#039t seem to be working in IE 4 or 5. And I can&#039t for the life of me figure out why. Any ideas??? Please either reply here or e-mail me at:<BR>Thanks a lot!<BR>steve<BR>

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    what code are you using to read those cookies?<BR><BR>I can&#039t think of any known issues here, so maybe it&#039s case-sensitivity or something??<BR><BR>jason

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