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    i have created a web page with simple links on the side of the page such as kitchen. my question is, i have only been able to type in one word to search for &#060;a href="searchstring=kitchen"&#062;<BR>but i would like to search through 2 or 3 different words under the same link. if anybody can help i would greatly appreciate it. thanks sara<BR>

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    If your other words are always going to be the same when the user clicks the link (example, kitchen, sink, fridge, or whatever) then you could do the following:<BR>&#060;a href="searchstring=kitchen+sink+fridge"&#062; Then you have all three words as one string which you could parse to put into separate variables or into an array. To do this, you would use the instr command to find the first plus, return everything to the left, write that into your array, and then truncate the remaining string. Put that in a loop which ends when there are no more plus signs.

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