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    i have created a web page with simple links on the side of the page such as kitchen. my question is, i have only been able to type in one word to search for &#060;a href="searchstring=kitchen"&#062;<BR>but i would like to search through 2 or 3 different words under the same link. if anybody can help i would greatly appreciate it. thanks sara<BR>harpersara@hotmail.com

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    firstly, don&#039t use your name or email address as a subject<BR><BR>that out of the way, what you need to do is check, with an &#039if&#039 statement if multiple keyword are in use, such as <BR><BR>if instr(request.querystring("myfield"), " ") &#062; 0 then<BR>split the querystring<BR>else<BR>don&#039t<BR>end if<BR><BR>then if there are spaces, create a SQL statement which generates and OR or AND sql statement from there.<BR><BR>if you need more info<BR><BR>jason_brown@syd.leo&#060;nospam&#062;b urnett.com.au<BR><BR>it&#039s reasonably easy, considering. one of the first things i did a couple of years back when i learned ASP was to create a multiple keyword search system. now it&#039s a very complex search query generator, so a bit of thought has good results<BR><BR>jason<BR><BR>take out &#060;nospam&#062;

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