Any word on release date of a public beta?

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Thread: Any word on release date of a public beta?

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    Default Any word on release date of a public beta?

    Well, I guess the title pretty much sums it up. I would like to know when I can start learning this thing hands-on...

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    Default Release Date of ASP+

    From the "Commonly Asked ASP+ Questions... Answered" article on -<BR><BR>"Question: ASP+ is in private beta testing right now. When will it be public beta testing? When can I get my hands on ASP+ and start writing my own ASP+ pages? <BR><BR>Answer: "We are working hard now at finishing up a public beta that will be available for public download. ETA is still around 6 weeks (early September) though (there are a lot of pieces in it). <BR><BR>"We did hand out bits to the 7,000 people who attended last week&#039s PDC conference, however, which is why some people have copies now -- and why you are starting to see discussions about it on discussion forums like this." -- Scott Guthrie<BR>

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    Default RE: Release Date of ASP+

    Some Microsoft guys came onto my site twice yesterday to confirm that the .net SDK from the PDC disc will be on their MSDN site and downloadable by the end of this month. This is actually an Alpha release.<BR><BR>I quote Donovan Smith directly:<BR><BR>"We will more than likely be releasing a alpha version of ASP+ <BR>to the web this month. Keep watching <BR>for more details."<BR><BR>and Rob Howard:<BR>"we&#039ll be posting the .net sdk (part of what was given out at <BR>pdc) on in the next couple of weeks. "<BR><BR>No point sitting on this kind of news, is there :-)<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Daniel Walker<BR><BR>Wrox Press

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