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    How ASP+ overcome the disadvantages of session variables of ASP?

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    Session State can be managed in a couple ways in ASP+. By default it is handled by passing a hidden field on the page to the client. This is called VIEWSTATE. All the session data is passed to the client, and then on subsiquent requests, passed back to the server. You can View Source from the browser and see the VIEWSTATE field.<BR><BR>The other is through the use of a State Store. There are 2 state stores, the ASP+ State Store, which maintains the Session data in memory, out-of-process from your ASP+ app. The ASP+ State Store can be partitioned accross multiple servers in a web farm. Regardless of the server the client hits, their state data is available through the ASP+ State Store. If on server goes down, the client is bounced to a different server, state is maintained, and the client never knows what happened.<BR><BR>SQL State Store is similar to the ASP+ State Store, but enables the storing of stateful data in your SQL Server Database.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>CodeJunkies.Net /<BR>

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