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    I receive some html documents on a weekly basis from an internet newsletter service. I want to host them on my intranet and maintain an archive of the same.<BR><BR>I plan to create a directory on my web server where I would simply copy the files received every week. I need an asp to scan the contents of the directory and display a list of all files available sorted in descending order of dates of files. When I click on any of the file name, I want the contents of that file, which would be html to be displayed.<BR><BR>Any help in this respect would be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Santosh

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    using FilesystemObject this is pretty easy<BR><BR>if you don&#039t know how to use it, there&#039s a full tutorial in the language reference, link to the left.<BR><BR>basically, once you have a reference to the folder<BR><BR>for each f in objFolder.files<BR>Response.Write("&#060;a href=""" & & """&#062;" & & "&#060;/a&#062;")<BR>next<BR><BR>nt orders by date descending as default, win98 the other way round, for some unknown reason....<BR><BR>jason

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