hundreds of if/then/else/endif?

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Thread: hundreds of if/then/else/endif?

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    Toni Guest

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    Hello all,<BR>I have to write a script that will take 2 variables from a user form and look up a 3rd variable from an array. To those who dive, this would be depth & time returning the residual niitrogen level (A "K" diver"<BR>Now, is there any way to write this simpler than:<BR>if depth=&#060;20 & time =&#060; 10 then <BR>response.write "You are a K diver" else<BR>if depth =&#060;30 & time =&#060; 20 then<BR>response.write "You are a D diver" etc, etc, etc. (this is a loosely put together code... but you get the logic)<BR>there simply has to be a better way....

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    stick &#039em in an ASP database and use a single dynamic SQL statement<BR><BR>jason

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    MBrooker Guest

    Default Good Ol' Fashion Math

    When you have a large list of variables like that, there is usually a Math formula behind it. This one sounds like a differential rate problem. Either look at the data and find the pattern or find an equation on the subject. You can always do it the slacker&#039s way and put it in a database, but you&#039ll never have quality code!

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    Toni Guest

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    At this point, the slacker&#039s way is ok with me considering the equations/pattern is based on physiological experimentation and stuff that I really don&#039t want to learn.<BR>As far as the SQL stuff goes... is there another way (I humbly admit that I don&#039t know SQL.... it&#039s on my list... seems I just can&#039t get around it)

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