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    Hi,<BR><BR>I posted this message about a week ago and didn&#039t get a concrete answer. I was wondering if anyone knew how many concurrent users can access an Access DB using ASP? I&#039ve heard numbers like 10 and 25, but can anyone point me to any actual documentation that lists this fact? Any help would be much appreciated!!!<BR><BR>-Dave

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    64 (or is it 65?)<BR><BR>It&#039s one of those two values. I guess 64 makes more sense, since it is a power of 2...

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    THIS IS STRAIGHT FROM THE ACCESS HELP....<BR><BR>Database specifications<BR><BR>Attribute Maximum<BR>Database (.mdb) file size 1 gigabyte. However, because your database can include linked tables in other files, its total size is limited only by available storage capacity.<BR>Number of objects in a database 32,768<BR>Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1024<BR>Number of characters in an object name 64<BR>Number of characters in a password 14<BR>Number of characters in a user name or group name 20<BR>Number of concurrent users 255

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