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    ...front-end for my DB<BR><BR>I am using and Access DB &#039MACHINES&#039 - <BR>The DB consists of 4250 Serial numbers for these machines.<BR>I want to build a front end form with a pulldown menu but I do not want to<BR>show all 4250 entries in the html code. <BR><BR>Can someone help me with some code that will allow<BR>the user to input a serial number and &#039get&#039 or &#039post&#039 the specs for that<BR>particular machine?<BR><BR>The table layout is as follows:<BR><BR>TableName = ETBL01<BR>column1: SerialNumber<BR>column2: version<BR>column3: acceptance<BR>column4: EL.ID<BR>...so on and so on.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance for your help, I don&#039t know what I would do without this site...

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    ASP code? yup, but i&#039d rather point you towards tutorials - try &#039my first database&#039 on www.webmonkey.com - that&#039ll give you the idea. and this shold really be in a different forum<BR><BR>jason

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