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    I have a site built for Netscape using frames. Each frame has ASP pages as source. I have a menu frame using javascript links to navigate through the main frame. I have a problem. When I resize the netscape window, the javascript links break (the function I wrote to load the other frame is not called).<BR>I have found that on resize netscape doesn&#039t update the pages, so adding code like this helps:<BR> window.captureEvents(Event.RESIZE);<BR> window.onresize = handleResize;<BR> function handleResize() {<BR> window.location.reload();<BR> }<BR>This &#039fixes&#039 the javascript calls, though I&#039m not sure why. However, that only works if the menu frame is an html file. When it&#039s ASP it still doesn&#039t work and my links remain broken.<BR><BR>Can someone tell me why the javascript breaks? And how to fix it? Why are the two files (.htm and .asp[with no asp code in it]) handled differently by the browser, is it to do with caching?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help and any pointers to where I can read more about this.<BR><BR>Brian<BR>

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    it&#039s a well know bug in netscape 4.x - and pretty annoying. <BR><BR>However there&#039s no reason why .html should behave differently in this situation to .asp - both are sent to the client as text/html mimetype. the only thing i can think of is maybe the generated source code is different to the flat html source code, thus breaking it.<BR><BR>Jason

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