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    You now at thetop of an email where you have the from, to,<BR>subject, CC, Sent, etc....? I am not talking about code I am talking about the graphical interface created by the client.<BR><BR>I am generating HTML emails that need to be printed and i want that top section removed. Can this be done? Does it have to be done in the client?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Rob

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    Sorry Rob, but you have no control over your user&#039s email at all. In fact they may not even have an email program for you to use to send an email. The graphical display is based on whatever the user has picked to be their default mail application for their particular system. Yes, Netscape has email built-in but if it isn&#039t set up with a profile and the user has set their system to use something else, then something else will be used. HTML, ASP or anything has no bearing on what the display will look like.

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