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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I have a very simple Access 2K DB with a table named "Customers" and a column titled "EMailAddress". I want to be able to send a newsletter to every address in my "EMailAddress" column. I think it can be done using a DO WHILE loop, however, I am not too good with coding.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any sample code or any pointers??? <BR><BR>I really appreciate it!!

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    if you&#039re not very good with coding, i suggest you look at basic database tutorials, and e-mail tutorials - then try to combine the two in a coherent fashion -<BR><BR>here&#039s a hint though :<BR><BR>when you&#039re retrieving your values, add them to the bcc field of your email component, then when finished, call send()<BR><BR>jason

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    This will depend on what email component you have installed on your server. The default email component that comes with ASP is in CDONTS package. I have not used this one but it looks pretty easy. You basically create an email object and set the .Sender (your email address), .bcc (to add recipients), .subject and .body properties and the use the .AttachFile method to attach a file, and the .Send method to send the mail. <BR><BR>If you don&#039t have an email component then I strongly recommend Jmail, available free from They have greate online help at the site.<BR><BR>Alternatively try Software Artisans at<BR><BR>As for the recordset:<BR><BR>dim rs,Mail <BR>Set Mail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") <BR>mail.Sender={your em addr}<BR>mail.Subject="My Newsletter"<BR>mail.body={Newsletter Text}<BR>mail.AttachFile {attachment full filespec}<BR><BR>set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RECORDSET")<BR>rs.Op en "Select distinct EMailAddress from Customers", YourConnection,2,3,1<BR>do while not rs.eof<BR> mail.bcc = mail.bcc & rs("EMailAddress") & ";"<BR>rs.MoveNext<BR>loop<BR>mail.send<BR>rs.clos e<BR>set rs=nothing<BR>set mail=nothing<BR><BR><BR>**** NOTE: I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS SCRIPT AND IT MAY NEED SOME MODIFICATION TO RUN ON YOUR SERVER

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