ASPEXEC, DOS commands and XCOPY

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Thread: ASPEXEC, DOS commands and XCOPY

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    Robert Merrill Guest

    Default ASPEXEC, DOS commands and XCOPY

    Hello,<BR> I am having trouble with the ASPEXEC component. It allows you to execute DOS commands on the server. (Article:<BR><BR>The problem is when I try to run the XCOPY command the process just dies. The identical code works fine when I replace XCOPY with COPY. Any thoughts? Suggestions? What I am I missing?<BR><BR> Thanks!!

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    Hi Robert:<BR><BR>I guess if everything is correctly done and the .dll is registered correctly after uninstalling the older version, I see only one possibility and that is:<BR>"Check all Your PATHS" <BR><BR>Thank you if you have more question mail me at ""<BR><BR>thank you.

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