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    I have a column with names(first name, sometime a middle name and a last name) and I want to find all the people whose last name starts with a certin letter. <BR>I am sure that there is some SQL statment that can start to check from the end of the record, find the first space and then find out what is the letter that is to the right of this space but I can&#039t seem to find it - Help<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Ariel

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    You want to use the LIKE statement with the % wildcard for this one. This example will return all the people whos last name begins with a &#039H&#039.<BR><BR>SELECT * <BR>FROM MyTable<BR>WHERE Lastname LIKE &#039H%&#039<BR><BR>Pete

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    I wish I had a "Lastname" field! <BR>My problem is that in the same field I have the first and last (and sometimes the middle)name.<BR>The format that they are written in the field is <BR>"first name middle name last name"

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