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    Just a quick question... Does it qualify as a bad thing that I can server.execute or #include a secure file from a non-secure file without tripping any security checks?<BR><BR>[ Say, for example, that I were to upload a small .asp to a corporate extranet which will server.execute an .asp which I had a password requested for -- without caring about the password. Bad thing, yes? ]<BR><BR>The test system was Win2K Adv. Server with IIS 5. File 1 gave "Everybody" "Full Access," file 2 only gave "Authenticated Users" "Full Access" after "Basic Authentication."<BR><BR>Any patches?

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    it&#039s not ideal, but it&#039s not really what i&#039d call a security hole either. you can only .execute within the same application, right? if you can .execute from another application, that would be a hole...<BR><BR>jason

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