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    rogario Guest

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    I have a form on an ASP page A that I fill out and post to an ASP page B. In case I want to make some changes, I would click on an edit button on page B which would take me back to page A and the form would be re-populated with info that I filled in.<BR><BR>How can I do this?<BR>Thanks <BR>Rogario

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    Toni Guest

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    Correct me if I&#039m wrong, but does the BACK button not do exactly that? Whatever was filled out should still be there if you click on BACK...if you really need a button on Form B to do just that, use a javascript/history/-1 script... if you are looking for individual form field validation and redirection due to incorrect input, that&#039s a much different problem... (also uses up too much server processing if you ask me... looks neat though)

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    rogario Guest

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    Thanks Toni<BR><BR>

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