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    Xena Guest

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    I have a form with Two Fields:<BR>Start Date<BR>Planned Stop Date<BR><BR>The following Validation is Needed<BR>1. Valid Date Format (ie. 1/12/2000)<BR>2. Start Date must be equal to or greater than today&#039s date<BR>3. Planned Stop Date must be greater than today&#039s date<BR>Any help would be appreciated!<BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default What help is needed?

    Looks like you&#039ve already answered your own question. Just place that logic into scripting now, by searching through the scripting docs to get what you need.

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    KPW Guest

    Default RE: Form Validation

    What type of validation do you plan on using? Client-side or server-side? If client-side, then for your question 1 you should check out JavaScript&#039s regular expressions. For questions 2 and 3, check out JavaScript&#039s Date object.<BR><BR>If server side, I&#039m not sure how to validate date format. However, comparing Start/Stop date to today&#039s date is not that difficult.<BR><BR>HTH

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