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    moti Guest

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    Please how do i make to random contents for my store as i ma doing it for my asp classes project , and in the home page i need some books to be shouw random .<BR>Please help<BR>moti

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    Imran Qureshi Guest

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    Please define youre question a little more precisely please !<BR>:)

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    moti Guest

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    Dear ,<BR>I am making a store and one of the features required is to make in the hompage a random products system , as supose each time i refresh it will show me different items ,<BR>I hope that i have been clearer ,<BR>Please help me if possible

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    Imran Qureshi Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>Although I have never undertaken such a task, my guess is that you will be using a database to store your catalog. With each item, you will establish a primary key to uniquely identify each item. I assume you need to select all the items in the catalog and use a range e.g 10 catalogued items to provide to a random function. I believe there is a randomize() funtcion in VB which will return random numbers...just make sure these numbers correspond to the primary keys of your catalogue records in the database !<BR><BR>This sounds rather messy, but this is an initial thught.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>IQ

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