Someone has filled in a poll and some data, like users&#039 IP-address, is put into a log-database (datatype = nvarchar).<BR>On a revisit to the site (before new poll) this user must see the results of the poll instead of the questions.<BR>Because of the spam, I have several checks and additionally, I also want to check on IP-address. Now I have this statement on pageload:<BR><BR>Dim sIP: sIP = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")<BR>sSQL = "SELECT poll_number FROM [PollLog] "<BR>sSQL = sSQL & "WHERE ((vis_id=" & sVisitor & ") "<BR>sSQL = sSQL & "OR (poll_ip_number=[" & sIP & "]))"<BR><BR>And I get this message: "invalid columnname on &" for the ip-address.<BR>What did I do wrong in the syntax to get the IP address as valid statement???<BR><BR>(In case of checking IP-addresses, I know it can happen that someone else gets an address of someone who voted before by proxy and/or ISP settings)<BR>