Here&#039s a hard one for you guys ...<BR><BR>I&#039d like to check for the existence of a file anywhere on the net ... <BR>here&#039s an example in pseudo-code<BR><BR>RemoteFile = ""<BR><BR>If RemoteFile.Exists then Response.Write "Ok" else Response.Write "Dont exist"<BR><BR>i thought about checking for the http header ...<BR>i know that header : HTTP/1.0 200 OK<BR>means the page exists and that : HTTP/1.0 404 OBJECT NOT FOUND<BR>means the page dont exist ..<BR>now, problem is .. how to make the ASP load the file, check on the http header, and returns the header ?<BR><BR>The guy who finds this will get a kiss from my sister :)<BR><BR>