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    I&#039m looking at a problem at the moment, that would benefit from being able to store ASP code in the DB, and run it when it&#039s extracted.<BR><BR>I know that I could do this by creating a .asp text file and dumping the HTML & ASP to that straight from the DB. My question however is can this be done without the file. Is there a way for ASP to extract more ASP from a DB and execute it?

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    If you&#039re using JScript or VBScript 5 then yes you can, using the eval() function.<BR><BR>It&#039s not going to be very efficient because none of your script will get cached, and I don&#039t want to think about the debugging problems you could end up with, but it can be done.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Good Question...I cant guarantee the answer....<BR><BR>First, id look at COM. You can write a com object to talk to the database and then use the ASP object library within the com to write out asp. When this DLL is initiated from an asp page, it should work pretty well !<BR><BR>The issue i have is that if you have SQL Server and IIS on the same machine, this may be possible as your SQL code could possibly have access to all the ASP objects...issue is ive never seen this done YET...havent 4 guys touched on this ???

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