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    LightYear Guest

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    Ok - this is actually a respond to Paradox&#039 article about using JS and ASP.<BR>The ASP-documentation and tutorials available are highly lacking a JS approach. Could it be that there are more people out there trying to make JS work with ASP?<BR>Maybe we could teach eachother one or two things. Make yourself heard!

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    I really don&#039t know how many people out there are using JScript that&#039s part of the reason that I wrote the article in the first place. If you know some people who are interested please let me know and I&#039ll keep the articles coming, otherwise I&#039ll probably just suffer in silence for a while.

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    lightyear Guest

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    Well I am very interested and I know the head-programmer in my company is interested too. That makes two of us :)<BR>Also when talking to people I get the feeling that this is a problem. Some quit learning ASP &#039cause VB scribt is too much to learn for them.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    I am interested in using javascript in asp.<BR>There&#039s some docs @ microsoft but they<BR>don&#039t explain it very clearly. It kind<BR>of takes a lot of getting used to. Right<BR>now i&#039m working on a reg expression to<BR>evaluate email addresses (pretty simple)<BR>but the regex syntax in not exactly the same<BR>as "real" javascript or PERL. I couldn&#039t<BR>just paste a regex from PERL into the jscript<BR>function because it wont work (I&#039ve tried it :).<BR><BR>I&#039ll probably write another article on Regex&#039s /jscript<BR>and explain more, because clearly there isn&#039t<BR>enough info on using jscript in asp. Even basic<BR>interaction is not explained well enough. Maybe<BR>if they&#039re were a good VBscript/Jscript comparison/<BR>reference more people would use it.<BR><BR>

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    If you like using JScript, write articles for 4Guys about using it!! :) :) :) Like Paradox did!! :)<BR><BR>(See for more info...)<BR><BR>Have a great day, guys! :)

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