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    The thing is i have a project wherein i have to do a periodic upload of my database to the web server (to a sql server database).<BR>There are 2 queries i have over here.<BR><BR>1.My local database happens to be an access database.What i want is a facility wherein i can upload this database and get it converted to an sql server format without manual DTS. How is this possible?<BR><BR>2.Secondly i have heard that RDS can talk to ur remote databases.How is it possible from within my ASP pages and how do i identify the client.See i have like 5000 people having different access databases.How does my same ASP identify these various users and validate their identity.<BR><BR>Also i dont want to upload the entire database everytime.I want to upload only those records that have been changed.I am making an entry in a table wherein the name of the table and record key is stored.So my asp needs to look in this table and make corresponding changes.<BR><BR>Please please help<BR><BR>itz urgent<BR>

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    Default Maybe XML?

    I read an article on the subject of using microsoft&#039s XML component to post a response to a web page. Unfortunately, I forgot where the article was. I do not have specific details, but I do know that it can be done this way.

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    This really cool developer named Erick Stover wrote an excellent article on the basic use of the SOAP protocall. It should do what you want to do.<BR>You can check it out here:<BR><BR><BR>Erick

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