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    I know that anytime you access a database through recordsets, stored procedures, etc. there is a definite amount of overhead. In order to achieve scalability, you want to limit the amount of round trips to the server.<BR><BR>However, I haven&#039t read anything that discusses the overhead in databinding vs traditional data access. Is databinding more efficient than traditional data accessing? Does databinding scale better for large traffic sites? In developing a high traffic site, would it be better to use COM encapsulated data access, or data binding?<BR><BR>Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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    What exactly do you mean by "databinding"? If you&#039re talking about binding client-side controls to server-side data using something like RDS, then it&#039s a very tricky question. I don&#039t use this technique because of browser-compatibility issues, but obviously you&#039ve still got to do the data access. RDS still uses recordsets, but it marshalls them across the network to the client. This approach CAN be more efficient if used very carefully, but can also be less efficient if not - depends on exactly what you&#039re doing. You have to be very careful about exactly what data gets sent across the network and when.<BR><BR>There are no easy answers - if it really matters then prototype and stress-test!<BR><BR>Dunc<BR>Dunc

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