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    How do i change the type property of text to visible during run time. For e.g., I use a text box in my web page and hidden it using the following code.<BR><BR>&#060;input type=hidden name=txtuser&#062;<BR><BR>I need to turn on by setting the type=visible is it possible during run time help me urgent,..

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    This does not ssem to be possible. You cannot change the type property in Javascript. You would probably need to put the textbox inside a div or layer and alter the visibility of the div or layer.

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    Suganraj Guest

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    Thanks for the prompt response. <BR><BR>One more doubt, Is there anyway to install the .ocx component for e.g., say true db grid component in the client PC in the background work. User should not see while installing and registering the .ocx component please help me...<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sugan

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