CDate in format of hh:mm:ss?

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Thread: CDate in format of hh:mm:ss?

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    Jeanne Guest

    Default CDate in format of hh:mm:ss?

    Hi All,<BR>When I use Cdate(Now()) in asp,the time shown is presented <BR>in terms of AM/PM time.<BR><BR>How can I change the time to be shown like 16:00:32 instead of<BR>PM 04:00:32?<BR><BR>Thank you very much!<BR><BR>

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    lagerBoy Guest

    Default RE: CDate in format of hh:mm:ss?

    Try the Time() function. Time

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    lagerBoy Guest

    Default Not sure that I answered your question

    Basically I just told you how to return the system time.<BR><BR>I really should have given you an example of User defined date and time formats.<BR><BR>The UDF for displaying the time as per your request is:<BR><BR>h:mm:ss<BR><BR>AS OPPOSED TO<BR><BR>hh:mm AM/PM<BR><BR>

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